Foreigners in Ukraine

Foreigners in Ukraine

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390 грн
характеристики Описание
Количество страниц 178 стр
Переплет мягкий 
Язык английский 
Издательство ОВК 
ISBN 978-617-7931-15-6 
Автор Коротюк О.В. 
Вес 0.2 кг 
Год издания 2022 
Тираж 1000 шт

The book is a practical guide, which includes information about Ukraine, human fundamental rights and freedoms that are guaranteed in Ukraine, actions that are prohibited in Ukraine, responsibility for offenses, your rights during arrest, interrogation, search and seizure of things and documents, property rights, inheritance and taxation of foreigners and stateless persons and other useful information.

The book will help you to find a way out of various problematic situations. The book is intended for foreign citizens, stateless persons entering or planning to enter Ukraine and can be useful to anyone who wants to know about rights and obligations, prohibitions, restrictions, responsibility that are provided by the legislation of Ukraine.


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