International Investment Law in the Arbitration Process

International Investment Law in the Arbitration Process

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Издательство Юридичний світ 
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Автор Войтович С.А. 
Количество страниц 272 стр
Переплет твердый 
Тип издания Практическое пособие 
Язык английский 
ISBN 978-966-136-645-8 
Год издания 2019 
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The book shows how arbitral tribunals assist sovereign states in building modern international investment law. States create primary rules of international investment law, while investor-state tribunals, under the jurisdictional mandate from states, perform a special law-developing activity by elucidating the contents of treaty standards, by demonstrating the role of unwritten customary law rules and general principles of law in investment disputes.

The collective thinking of tribunals stimulates states to innovative steps in the newly emerging investment treaties.


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