International Law

International Law

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характеристики Описание
Язык английский 
ISBN 9780199259397 
Год издания 2004 
Тираж 300 шт
Автор Antonio Cassese 
Количество страниц 616 стр
Переплет мягкий 
Тип издания Учебное пособие 
Издательство Oxford University Press 

This new edition of Cassese's International Law provides a stimulating and authoritative account of international law for undergraduates and postgraduates. It has been fully revised and updated to include all recent developments in the subject, and contains a new chapter on terrorism as well as extensive revision of the section on state responsibility.

Providing a comprehensive commentary on international law as a whole, it compares the traditional legal position with the developing and evolving law in a way that is sensitive to political and economic considerations, as well as including detailed yet accessible examinations of state responsibility and international criminal law.

The late Professor Cassese was a leading figure in the field, and this new edition takes full advantage of his extensive experience to provide a more personal approach to the subject than is typically found in the standard textbook, acting as good intellectual exercise for the stronger student.


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