Methodology of Jurisprudence: interactive manual

Methodology of Jurisprudence: interactive manual

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характеристики Описание
ISBN 978-966-928-619-2 
Автор Дудченко В.В., Мельничук О.С. 
Вес 0.1 кг 
Тираж 300 шт
Год издания 2020 
Количество страниц 78 стр
Переплет мягкий 
Язык английский 
Издательство Фенікс 

The interactive manual is designed to train specialists in the specialty "Law" and provides interactive learning using technology of Google Suite Education.

The authors of the manual aim to deepen the legal training of masters in educational institutions.

The discipline reveals the essence and provides an opportunity to understand and comprehend the law, studying the features of Ukrainian law, on the example of the use of approaches and principles of classical, modem and postmodern methodology in jurisprudence.

The manual is intended for teachers, students, graduate students, as well as anyone interested in the issue of methodology of jurisprudence.


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