Oral and written communication of future lawyers. Practical guide

Oral and written communication of future lawyers. Practical guide

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характеристики Описание
Издательство Фенікс, Інтерсервіс 
Количество страниц 100 стр
Переплет мягкий, твердый 
Год издания 2021, 2015 
Язык украинский, английский 
Автор Шалімов Л.О., Poliakova G.P. 
ISBN 978-966-999-149-2 
Вес 0.1 кг 
Тираж 100 шт

Current developments of Economic Globalization and Mass Media characterize our era and raise some important questions concerning language learning.

English-induced linguistic globalization alters lexical and semantic systems of languages that are influenced by this modern lingua franca.

Modern high school must train highly qualified specialists according to modern requirements, what means that students must not only gain knowledge and skills in legal profession, but also must have the knowledge that will help to improve the level of their professional activity.

Necessity of creation of the given course is dictated by conditions offered by The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and requirements necessary for passing certified exam IELTC.

The given course is made for the first year students. The purpose of the given course is to develop oral communicative skills of law students as well as to develop their written communicative skills, which are essential for high school graduates.


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