Psychology and Law a critical introduction. Fourth edition

Psychology and Law a critical introduction. Fourth edition

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Год издания 2014 
ISBN 978-1-107-65084-8 
Автор Andreas Kapardis 
Вес 1 кг 
Тираж 300 шт
Количество страниц 508 стр
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Язык английский 

Now in its fourth edition, Psychology and Law is a comprehensive guide to the complex interactions between psychology and criminal law. Andreas Kapardis explores contemporary psycho-legal issues both in and out of the courtroom, from eyewitness testimony, investigative interviewing, jury decision making, and sentencing as a human process, to restorative justice, terrorism, police prejudice and offender profiling.

The book draws upon sources from Europe, North America and Australia to investigate the subjectivity and human fallibility inherent in our systems of justice. It suggests ways of minimising undesirable influences on judicial decision making, and discusses procedures for dealing with witnesses and suspects.

Fully revised and with greater emphasis on relevant law, Psychology and Law remains the leading text on legal psychology for students and practitioners in psychology, law, criminology, social work and law enforcement.


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